Beachside Bliss: Romantic Activities for Couples on a Coastal Weekend Getaway

Are white-sand beaches and ocean waves calling your name? Sounds like it’s time for a romantic beach getaway in the USA! Nothing could be more romantic than spending time with your loved one strolling along the shoreline. Sandy toes, salty air, and stunning sunsets — what more could you ask for? 

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So, you like the beach, do ya? Is it hard to think of things to do besides swim and suntan?

Well, stop thinking, and start reading our list of our favorite beachside activities that’ll build memories with your beau that last longer than the sunburn you’ll get (wear sunscreen, people!). From water sports and romantic picnics to hiking and live music, we’ve got the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation for your next beach vacation. Plus, a bonus of the most romantic destinations to visit.

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We love romantic beach getaways because they offer the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. This gives you time to reconnect and relax while also allowing you to explore and go on new adventures. Whether it’s getting dinner with a view, watching the sunrise, or exploring a quaint little beach town, your coastal getaway can be whatever you make it! 

When you’re planning a romantic getaway, it’s hard enough to choose where to go. But then, you’ve got to decide what to do! That’s why we’ve rounded up the best beach vacations for couples and romantic activities that’ll make your heart flutter. Bon voyage!

Top Romantic Beachside Activities

There’s so much more to do at the beach with your better half than swim and catch a tan. From outdoor activities like biking and kayaking to unique experiences like a sunset horseback ride or beachside picnic dinner, there are plenty of romantic ways to enjoy the beach’s natural beauty. Here are some of our favorites:

Stroll Along the Beach at Sunset

Do you and your sweetie love long walks on the beach? Sure, it’s a cliche, but who doesn’t love the idea of walking hand-in-hand while taking in epic ocean views as the sound of waves crash against the shore? There’s something so soothing about having your toes in the sand and letting the tide wash away your worries. Don’t forget to share a romantic kiss as the sun sets. At this moment, it’s just you two in your own little world. 

Explore the Tide Pools

There are so many natural wonders to be found when you explore the tide pools. This geological phenomenon is home to a variety of sea creatures and plants that you can only find in these unique habitats. 

Depending on the tides, you will find an abundance of marine life in the ever-changing waters. You and your love can marvel at the anemones, hermit crabs, starfish, and even sea otters in their rocky shelters. Remember not to interfere with these living organisms, as they are fragile and must be respected!

Enjoy a Seaside Picnic

A picnic at the beach is the ultimate sensory experience. The smell of the sea, the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and the flavors of a home-packed meal — it’s hard to beat. 

Make it an afternoon or evening affair, complete with a cozy blanket and some romantic decorations! Pack a light lunch featuring sandwiches, salads, and seasonal fruit, or indulge in a gourmet dinner platter of your favorite snacks and drinks while you talk, play board games, or simply enjoy the view. And don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all your special moments together! You’ll have memories that will last a lifetime. 

Book a Couples Spa Treatment

Get a little bougie with your partner and get a beachside couples massage! Everyone deserves to be pampered, and your boo is no exception. Look around for a luxurious spa with excellent reviews, and book in advance. Once you’re there, you and your partner will be whisked away to a paradise of relaxation and bliss. It’s the perfect activity after a long day of exploring and will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and closer than ever before.

Take a Couples Surfing or Paddleboarding Lesson

Learning a new skill together is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Take the plunge and give surfing or paddle boarding a try! For surfing, rent a couple of boards and take a private lesson together. Even if you don’t catch waves, it will surely be an exciting experience you can share. Or, for something a bit more low-key, rent a tandem paddleboard and explore the coastline together. There’s no better way to get closer than to take in the breathtaking ocean views while right on the water.

Most important tip: Be spontaneous! While planning and organization are important, leaving room for spontaneity can make your trip even more special and memorable. Whether it’s taking a sunset walk on the beach, trying out new water sports, or simply relaxing in a hammock with your loved one, let yourself be open to unexpected opportunities and enjoy every moment.

Dine at a Romantic Oceanfront Restaurant

If your idea of romance is a nice dinner for two, the beach is an ideal spot to do it. There are plenty of oceanfront restaurants to choose from, so you can pick the perfect one for a romantic evening out. 

From seafood to steak, you can find a restaurant serving delectable dishes with an amazing view of the ocean. And don’t worry if your budget is tight; there are still plenty of options that have a more charming and relaxed atmosphere. Oftentimes, these spots are the local favorites!

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Explore Nearby Coastal Towns and Villages

Some of the most beautiful beaches are home to vibrant coastal towns and villages. Spend a day with your better half strolling the streets of these charming places, exploring local shops and eateries. If you’re looking for unique souvenirs, you’ll often find them in these quaint shops. 

There’s nothing quite like discovering a local hidden gem and feeling like you’ve found something special. It offers a more authentic experience than a bigger tourist destination. Whether you’re looking for a day away from the hustle and bustle or want to get lost in a new world, there’s something for every couple.  

Attend a Beachside Live Music Event

Jam out and dance the night away with your special someone at a beachside live music event! Imagine swaying together to the beat of the drums or dancing in the sand under the starry night sky. Looking out to the sea, listening to the sound of crashing waves, and feeling the ocean breeze on your skin as you two share a romantic evening together. 

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? You could bring a picnic blanket, snacks, and your favorite drinks to make it even more special. As you let the energy of the music lift you, you’ll be able to bond in an unforgettable way.

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Take a Scenic Coastal Drive or Bike Ride

Go on a romantic escape with your date and rent a bicycle for the day. Or, if you prefer, hop in the car and take a scenic coastal drive. Enjoy the fresh air and ocean breeze as you ride or drive along the coast, taking in the beautiful views of the ocean and white sandy beaches. There are plenty of areas to stop and take pictures, take a dip, or have a picnic. 

Have fun exploring different areas and finding secret spots to enjoy quality time with your beau. It’s the perfect way to get lost in the moment and have an unforgettable day with that special someone. 

Wake Up Early and Watch the Sunrise

Everyone always talks about the sunset, but why not add a little more romance to your date and watch the sunrise instead? It’s an amazing experience that you and your partner should try out. You can get up early in the morning, grab some coffee or tea, and head over to the beach. 

As soon as the sun begins to peek out from the horizon, you can cuddle up and enjoy the beautiful view together. It’s a great way to start your day with some quality time spent with your partner, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

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Easiest Beach Destinations to Get To

We know it’s not always easy to find the perfect vacation spot. But if you’re looking for an easy place to get away, these beach destinations are some of the best Vacation spots for couples.

San Diego, California

San Diego is one of the best romantic beach getaways for couples. With its long stretch of Pacific coastline, you can find plenty to do, like taking a romantic stroll in the sand, exploring the many tide pools, or just relaxing and watching the sunset.

If you’re looking for some adventure, San Diego offers great options such as snorkeling, kayaking, or even surfing. For a romantic night out, there are plenty of cozy restaurants and bars to choose from, with the perfect backdrop of the beach. Neighborhoods like La Jolla and Coronado have a vibrant atmosphere, great shopping, and plenty of entertainment.

San Diego is easy to get to as it’s a major hub for air travel. There are frequent flights arriving at the San Diego International Airport, and it’s just a short drive away from major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. From luxurious resorts to quaint bed-and-breakfasts, San Diego has plenty of options to make your beach getaway special.

Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the most popular coastal destinations in the US, and it’s easy to understand why. With its lush tropical landscape, white sand beaches, and balmy weather year-round, this Florida hot spot is an ideal getaway for couples. 

Take a romantic walk on South Beach or visit the iconic Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive. There are plenty of great restaurants, bars, and nightlife spots to explore. Miami also offers plenty of outdoor activities — take a romantic boat tour around Biscayne Bay or watch the sun set over Key Biscayne. 

If you’re looking for luxury, there are plenty of 5-star resorts and boutique hotels in Miami. You can pamper yourselves with a spa treatment or take a scenic sailboat tour around the city. Miami is also conveniently located near major US cities, making it easy to get to from almost anywhere. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable romantic beach getaway, Miami is the perfect spot! 

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Hotel recommendation

The Setai

This mesmerizing hotel is located in the center of South Beach, offering easy access to everything you’d want to do. Although they are at the center of it all, The Setai remains secluded and tranquil. You’ll find breathtaking views, a relaxing spa, a swimming pool, plenty of dining options, and entertainment.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you and your partner are seafood lovers, Virginia Beach will not disappoint! This popular destination is known for its excellent seafood restaurants. There, you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach, feasting on Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, oysters, and more. 

The beachfront also offers plenty of activities to enjoy together, from relaxing on the sand to surfing in the ocean. Some notable spots are Chick’s Beach, First Landing State Park, and the iconic Virginia Beach Boardwalk. 

What’s more, Virginia Beach is a great place to fly into and find a hotel or resort at an affordable price. Since Virginia Beach is just a short drive away from DC, you can make it a romantic weekend getaway that combines beach fun with sightseeing in the nation’s capital. No matter what you decide to do, Virginia Beach is sure to make your beach vacation special.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach may seem like a hub for families, but this Atlantic Coast beach destination is also great for couples who know what to look for. With its 100km strip of beaches, you can find plenty of secluded spots that make you feel like you have the beach all to yourself. There are also plenty of activities to do together, like horseback riding, mini golf, and dolphin watching! 

For budget-conscious couples, the best time to visit Myrtle Beach is in the offseason from October to May. During this time, you can find great hotel deals and get a taste of why Myrtle Beach is a popular beach destination. 

There are plenty of cozy restaurants and bars to explore, and the beach is always around the corner. It’s also an easy location to get to, as there are plenty of flights arriving at the Myrtle Beach International Airport. So if you’re looking for a beach getaway full of fun and relaxation, Myrtle Beach should be at the top of your list!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Many forget how beautiful the beaches in the North East can be, and Cape Cod is one of the best. Located just an hour and a half to two hours from Boston by car, Cape Cod is the ideal beach getaway for couples seeking a more tranquil escape. From the picturesque towns of Hyannis, Provincetown, and Chatham to the many swimming beaches along Cape Cod National Seashore, you and your sweetie can explore the area’s stunning coastal landscape. 

If you’re looking for a luxury stay, Chatham Bars Inn, which offers breathtaking views of the shoreline, is definitely worth considering. For an unforgettable romantic beach experience, stroll down South Beach or explore the iconic Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive. Of course, no visit to Cape Cod is complete without indulging in some of the area’s renowned seafood dishes. With so much to explore, it’s easy to see why Cape Cod is such a romantic destination.

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Choosing the Right Activities

It’s important to remember that this is a romantic getaway for two, so you’ll want to find activities that both of you can enjoy. Here are some tips to ensure your beach weekend is enjoyable for both you and your partner:

  • Consider your interests and preferences: Whether you prefer to sunbathe, explore nature trails, or take part in adventurous activities like snorkeling, make sure there are plenty of options that both of you can enjoy.
  • Estimate how much time you have available: If one person has a limited amount of days off work and the other is available for an entire week, consider ways to maximize your beach-time fun while being mindful of time constraints.
  • Factor in the budget: Having a vacation on a budget doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing! Look at all of your options, and find the activities that fit both your and your partner’s interests without breaking the bank.

Balancing Your Itinerary

Romance is all about the balance between relaxation and spontaneity. For your coastal weekend getaway, make sure your itinerary includes some planned activities, such as a romantic dinner on the beach or a boat tour, as well as free time for whatever you and your partner feel like doing at the moment. This could be a lazy morning spent in bed, an afternoon stroll on the beach, or a spontaneous picnic at sunset. 

The best vacations are ones that leave room for spontaneity and surprise. You never know what unexpected discoveries you’ll make once you’re out exploring. Some of the best memories are made in the spur of the moment, so keep your itinerary flexible and open!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for making the most of our time at the beach without feeling rushed?

1. Start early: Get to the beach early in the morning and make the most of the day. That way, you won’t be limited by time constraints and can take your time enjoying every minute on the sand. 
2. Pack a picnic lunch: Instead of going out for food or waiting in line at a beachside cafe, why not pack a delicious picnic lunch and dine at the beach? Not only will you save time, but you’ll also get to enjoy your favorite snacks while soaking up the sun.
3. Make space for some downtime: Don’t feel you must be go-go-going all day long. Take some time to just relax on the beach, take a nap in the sun, or read a book.
4. Take advantage of low tide: Low tide is great for exploring the ocean floor and all its amazing creatures, so if you’re into snorkeling or tide pooling, research when the tide is out during your beach day. 

How can we find unique and local experiences in our chosen coastal destination?

There are plenty of ways to discover unique experiences when exploring a coastal destination. Start by talking to local people and asking them for their recommendations on the best places to visit. The locals know the region better than anyone, so they can provide insider tips you won’t find in any guidebook. 

You should also do your research online — look for blogs, articles, and reviews that offer more personalized accounts of the area. And don’t forget to wander off the beaten path and explore! You never know what hidden gems you might find when you escape the tourist hot spots. With some effort and research, you can uncover all sorts of unique experiences in your chosen coastal destination.

Are there any recommended apps or resources to help us plan our beachside weekend getaway?

Absolutely! There are tons of apps and resources available to help you plan your beachside weekend getaway. TripAdvisor, for example, is an excellent resource for researching popular attractions in the area, as well as reviews from people who have been there before.

You can also use apps like Kayak and Hopper, which are perfect for finding the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. For planning your itinerary, TripIt is an excellent app that can help you organize your entire beachside getaway in one place.

Pack Your Suitcase…

The US has plenty of amazing beaches that offer so much in terms of scenery, relaxation, and entertainment. It’s easy to find romantic activities that suit both your and your partner’s interests, whether it’s a massage for two, a coastal bike ride, a picnic on the beach, or just strolling along the boardwalk hand-in-hand. 

Get ready to make unforgettable memories, try some local treats, and most importantly, give yourselves permission to create your own magical experiences! Have any tips to share from your own coastal weekend getaways? Let us know in the comments — we’d love to hear about your adventures! 

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and ideas for your next romantic weekend getaway! Happy traveling!

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