Romantic Things to Do in Cozumel

Whether you and your partner plan to visit for a full vacation or as part of a cruise, there are so many romantic things to do in Cozumel. The sultry warm weather and close proximity to the ocean mean that so many of them are outside and active, but there is definitely something for every couple.

Having trouble finding things to do in Cozumel that are specifically for couples?

You’re in the right place. At Romantic Weekend Getaways, we avoid cookie-cutter travel advice so we can give you options specifically to strengthen your relationship with your better half. So get ready for sparks to fly! This guide will give you everything you need for a memorable and romantic vacation.

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Map of Cozumel.
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Where Is Cozumel?

When you think of Cozumel, you may only think of a port city for cruise ships. But, its got so much more going for it. Loaded with adventure and beautiful views, this island is a perfect romantic weekend getaway.

Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea. It lies just seven miles off the mainland, across from Playa del Carmen, and a little over two hours from its cousin Cancun.

That makes it easy to access via a quick 45-minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen — close enough for a last-minute romantic getaway or day trip if you’re short on time. That ferry ride can be a little rocky sometimes, so if you get seasick, make sure you prepare for it by following some of these tips to avoid seasickness.

But don’t let that deter you! Even if you find yourself bent over the boat and feeding the fish this morning’s breakfast, know that it’ll be a funny memory that you and your partner can look back on and laugh!

15 of the Most Romantic Things To Do in Cozumel

Cozumel itself is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches, as well as water activities and the archaeological sites nearby.

While Cozumel has beautiful beaches, there is so much more for couples to enjoy. Whether you’re nature lovers, adventure seekers, history buffs, or beach bums, Cozumel has it all for a couples trip.

The lagoon of fresh water just next to Caribbean Sea in ecological park on Cozumel island (Mexico).
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Visit an Ecological Park

Punta Sur Eco Beach is a perennial favorite. It includes an incredible ecological park in addition to the beach itself. It’s one of the best places for couples who want to learn more about Conzumel’s natural environment in a romantic, picturesque setting. 

The Punta Sur Ecological Park has more than 2,500 acres where you and your partner can explore pristine white beaches and coral reefs teeming with vibrant fish and lagoons with crocodiles and more. You can even join an educational tour led by park rangers.

They also offer snorkeling and scuba diving in the waters, as well as sea kayaking, biking, and camping overnight near the lagoons. These offer great opportunities for you and your loved one to reconnect and share a unique experience together. You’ll also both get to see much of how the Yucatan Peninsula was prior to being developed into a tourist destination.

Visit the Underground Secret River

A favorite ecological exploration is the Rio Secreto. You and your sweetie can choose excursions from four hours to all day to explore this underground series of caverns and caves, learning and exploring exciting new things together.

If you have enough time, book an entire day experience where you can continue to venture through the caves. You and your partner can even have a romanticly unique picnic lunch underground.

Keep in mind you cannot wear bug spray or sunscreen when you go into the caves to protect this source of drinking water for much of the Yucatan Peninsula. Bugs are not an issue there generally, so don’t stress!

The caves themselves are breathtakingly gorgeous, and the guides will lead you safely through them and point out all sorts of interesting facts and visuals throughout your tour. The water is generally not very deep, but you do need to swim a little bit, even with the life jacket you must wear. Think of it as the biggest romantic adventure!

This is such a cool and unique experience that is absolutely worth repeating because it’s so good. There are multiple cavern paths your guides may take you to explore, so it remains new to you.

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Explore the Ocean While Scuba Diving

If you and your partner are into scuba diving, Cozumel offers great places to dive, as well. Cozumel dive shops provide a great half-day experience for certified divers.

The Caribbean Sea is warm, but many of the dive sites do have a current. This means many of them are drift dives.

In a drift dive, you start at one point, then drift with the current, and the boat picks you up at the end. This way, you don’t have to swim back to the boat against the current.

You can see gorgeous coral, and many of the dives are along coral walls. The sea life is plentiful, and you’ll usually see everything from your typical parrot fish and lobsters and trumpet fish to possibly more unusual creatures like a seahorse or a frogfish. When the day is over, you and your partner will have endless stories to tell!

The dive shops will have all the gear you need, so if you are a certified diver, you just need your C card. If you’re new to diving, this is a great place for you and your S.O. to get certified!

Trek To an Adventure Park

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park is another favorite adventure park for couples. They include more than 20 activities in their price of admission. You and your partner can enjoy an underwater Mayan city while snorkeling (free with your own gear), water slides, pools, massaging hot tubs, kayaks, a floating water park, volleyball courts, and more. 

You can also add on unique activities like fish therapy, where the little fishies do a pedicure on your feet while you sit and watch. They also have a snorkel tour on a boat, sailboat rentals, snorkel rentals, a private lounge bed, and jet ski rentals.

With such a variety of fun and romantic things to do, you and your beau will have the perfect balance of intimate relaxation and thrilling adventure.

Take a Trip on an Underwater Submarine

If you want to head underwater but aren’t up for scuba diving, make sure you check out the Atlantis Submarines. You and your partner can get close and cozy while visiting the Felipe Xicotemcatl wreck that sank over 20 years ago.

On your underwater visit, you see not only the shipwreck but also fish, along with possible turtles, sharks, and stingrays along the way. As with anything that involves animals, there’s no guarantee what you’ll see on a given day, but those are frequent visitors to the area.

This 2-hour trip takes you to The Wall, with a drop off more than 1,800 feet below you. It’s an impressive view of a coral wall reef, and you get to see it from the safety of an air-conditioned and pressurized submarine. 

The Atlantis submarine adventure also includes a complimentary beverage and guides who narrate the trip so you know what you’re looking at and the history of it, as well. It’s a beautiful underwater world that you two will discover together that you will never forget.

Be aware that there is a marine park fee that is not included in the price when you book. Carry cash to cover this $6 fee.

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Head To the Deep Sea for Fishing

If you and your partner prefer to stay above the surface of the ocean, book a deep-sea fishing charter. The Caribbean Sea is known for tuna, snapper, mahi mahi, blue marlin, and more.

While you aren’t guaranteed to catch anything, the trip out on the ocean is quite romantic and truly fascinating — especially if you book a private charter with just the two of you! 

Many deep-sea fishing charters also offer the option to snorkel at some point during your day. That’s another great way to spend time while you wait for the fish to bite.

The tours provide all the equipment, and most will also provide you with complimentary snacks and drinks. All you need to do is show up and bring your patience hat.

Keep in mind that you do need a fishing license to fish, and most charter operators will provide this for you for a fee. You both can also arrange this on your own ahead of time.

You can catch a limit of 10 fish per day per person. If you catch a billfish, it counts as five fish. So, generally, you will want to catch and release these.

In addition to this limit, some charters have their own limits.

Best of all? The charters will clean and filet your fish so you can enjoy it for a romantic dinner that night.

Explore Mayan Ruins

No visit to the Yucatan Peninsula would be complete without exploring some Mayan ruins. There’s something about its rich history that can be incredibly romantic and enchanting. 

While Cozumel does not have as many famous ruins, you can easily get to the San Gervasio Archaeological Site.

This site is smaller than some of the more well-known sites like Tulum or Chichen Itza. You and your partner can tour this site on your own or hire a guide if you would like to have a more detailed and personalized visit.

They provide great signage, which makes it easy to get around. You two can travel through time and explore the many impressive buildings and temples, including residences.

The distance between them does mean that you need to do some hiking to get there, but it is definitely doable and worth the visit when you’re looking for things to do in Cozumel.

The site also includes public restrooms as well as souvenir stands. You can always hire a guide onsite if you decide you want one after you’ve arrived.

Important travel tip: Nobody is going to have change in Cozumel. This will make things difficult when trying to pay for taxi rides, meals at restaurants, or buying souvenirs. Bring small bills with you since the ATM machines only seem to dispense large bills, making it impossible to get change.

Ancient mayan chocolate making with metate grinding stone in Guatemala
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Enjoy a Chocolate Factory Tour

Speaking of the Mayans, one of the things they are known for is chocolate — and what’s more romantic than sharing chocolate with your love?!

You can find all sorts of cacao factories and tours, and this is not something to miss in Cozumel.

Try the Mayan Cacao Company. They offer tours where you and your sweetie can try ancient Mayan recipes in addition to purchasing the chocolate.

Your experience includes a Mayan purification ritual, a visit to a Mayan Hut, homemade corn tortilla tasting, learning about the production process, and then, of course, a romantic chocolate tasting.

They have a bar where you can purchase beverages, too. If you book the chocolate and margarita workshop, you’ll get a chocolate margarita as part of the package. Yum!

The Mayan Chocolate Company offers three different tours, including the chocolate workshop and the general admission tour, so you can choose the activities that work best for you both.

Unlike many chocolate factory tours, the Mayan Cacao Company is a multi-building site where you go from place to place rather than being jammed into a single small area, making it perfect for a romantic outing.

Visit a Family-Owned Pearl Farm

The Cozumel Pearl Farm is another unique attraction in Cozumel that’ll spark the flames of romance. This is family owned and operated, and the family is your guide during your visit.

The Mexican government declared this a natural protected area in 2012, which ensures that you see a thriving natural area. To get there, you start with a 45-minute boat ride to an area only local fishermen — and pearl farm explorers — visit.

On the tour, you and your partner will explore the facilities and learn how they cultivate pearls. You both will leave, gaining a true appreciation for the patience needed in this process.

You then will snorkel the oyster hatchery, where you’ll see a stunning life-size Virgin of Guadalupe statue under the water. The Cozumel Pearl Farm also created this artificial reef where you two can marvel at the beautiful natural reefs.

After this, enjoy a pineapple cheeseburger and cold beer back at the Pearl Farm’s palapa before relaxing on the beach or cuddling in a hammock. This is a great time to share a romantic walk on the beach or have a playful swim in the ocean.

The tour is much less crowded and more secluded than many in Cozumel, making it ideal for couples looking for some seclusion. This six-hour tour runs six days a week and has a maximum of eight visitors per tour.

COZUMEL, MEXICO - OCT, 22, 2016: There are many souvenirs and shopping options for the tourists on the Cozumel Island.
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Splurge on Shopping

You can’t visit Cozumel without going shopping. One of the most popular shopping areas is the Cozumel downtown, where you and your better half can immerse yourself in the sights and bustling streets. 

The main street, Melgar Avenue, bursts with souvenir shops and boutiques. Many of them offer traditional Mexican clothing, pottery, jewelry, leather goods, and other easy-to-pack souvenirs.

The prices are generally reasonable, and many stores offer discounts if you purchase multiple items. Don’t forget to give your honey something extra special here!

For more high-end items, visit La Plaza Shopping Center, which includes designer shops and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

If you’re looking for something on the other end of the spectrum, visit the San Miguel market. There, you can find local handcrafted items like handmade jewelry and wood carvings.

This is also a great place to grab local snacks from the food stalls that sell everything from empanadas and tamales to tacos and more. It’s a wonderful place to roam free and let the romance thrive.

Enjoy a Local Food Tour

If you’re a foodie couple, make sure that you do a food tour! So many cities have great food tours, and Cozumel does not disappoint.

The Cozumel Chef Food Tour visits several romantic restaurants in Cozumel where you enjoy a different dish and local drink at each one. 

Best of all, these are not your typical tourist restaurants, so you and your partner will eat like locals with more unique and often tastier dishes. It’s a fantastic way to soak up the culture together.

If either of you are vegetarian, they can accommodate you. Just make sure you let them know in advance.

This three-hour tour has plenty of food and drink. Make sure you come hungry because you will leave stuffed and even more in love!

Sip on a Free Tequila Tasting Tour

If you’re more interested in the beverage side of tours, do not miss the Mi Mexico Lindo Tequila Tour. This free tour walks you through the entire tequila process and is demonstrated by a five-generation distiller.

You and your partner will learn about all the stages of making tequila — from the harvest of the agave until they bottle. Of course, yes, they offer tastings at the end of the tour. It’s a great way to loosen up and get flirty!

They have several unique tequila flavors, including several infused varieties. While you have the opportunity to purchase, it is not required.

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Learn About the History of Cozumel

For couples who are into history, Pueblo del Maiz is a great place to learn about the history of Cozumel and the Mayans. It’s essentially the recreation of an ancient Mayan village.

Once you enter, a Mayan priest blesses you as part of the welcome ceremony. You make an offering to the Mayan god of corn, and you can have your face painted with natural pigments.

Inside the Pueblo, you learn about all aspects of Mayan life via the seven different palapas. 

Start with the chicle tree chewing gum production that you can observe and then taste.

The activities are all interactive and hands-on, so you and your partner will get to learn a bunch and have a truly one-of-a-kind experience together.

For example, in the tortilla palapa, you learn how to make homemade corn tortillas that you then enjoy with fresh salsa. You can also taste hibiscus and honey at another palapa, providing you both with a full-sensory experience that’ll bring you closer together than ever.

Of course, there is a cocoa palapa where you try cocoa beans as well as the traditional hot chocolate they make. Inside the sisal palapa, see how the Mayans used sisal fibers to make sandals, baskets, and more.

This is one of those romantic things to do that so many couples simply don’t know exists in Cozumel, but it is absolutely worth your time and money to visit!

Don’t Skip Mr. Sancho’s

If you and your S.O. want a more traditional Cozumel activity, visit Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club. You’ll find this excursion on any cruise itinerary.

Not surprisingly, this is not going to be off the beaten path and can often be crowded. However, it is a ton of fun and totally worth it!

Mr. Sancho’s offers all-you-can-eat and drink from both their buffet and food you can order off the menu. While it isn’t gourmet food, it’s tasty and plentiful — perfect for those foodie couples!

Go for a romantic kayak ride over crystal-clear water, and remember to use a locker to store your valuables. Bring your own towels, as Mr. Sancho’s rents their towels.

They do have an aquatic park on-site as well as additional activities like a jet ski, ATV, horseback riding, and parasailing if you two want more of an adventure. Those all come at an additional cost, but it’s handy to have them all in one place.

This is a great way to enjoy the beach and relax in a romantic atmosphere with everything you could need on-site. Definitely plan to enjoy the whole day here, as there is so much to see, do, and explore at the beach club.

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Explore the Jungle on an ATV

If you and your sweetie want more of an adrenaline rush, check out the ATV tours. Who doesn’t want to drive their own quad bike as they explore the jungle? This will bring out the adventurous side of any couple!

To make things even more romantic, one of you can be behind the other, holding on to your love tight as you venture through the stunning lush tropical landscape.

Many paths take you through caves. Be sure to make a stop at the Jade Cavern cenote, where you and your partner can dive in to enjoy the crystal-clear fresh water and enjoy a romantic swim.

You will get dirty on this excursion, but it’s super romantic and a ton of fun. It lets you see so much of the area up close and personal in a short amount of time. 

High aerial shot of beaches and island of Cozumel, Mexico with turquoise water.
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My Budget for My Trip to Cozumel

  • FLIGHTS – $500/person
  • ACTIVITIES – $300/person
  • CAR RENTAL – $150 total 
  • FOOD – $450 total 
  • LODGING – $450 total 
  • GAS – $40 total 

TOTAL: $2,690


What is Cozumel most well known for?

Scuba diving! The area around Cozumel has some of the best visibility in the world, and you and your partner can explore a huge Mesoamerican reef system. If you’re a certified diver or want to get your certification, this is the place to be — you’ll likely encounter sea turtles, colorful fish, and vibrant coral.  

Can I walk around Cozumel?

Yes. Getting around Cozumel on foot is definitely doable! It’s a great way to take in the sights and explore the area. Avenida Rafael Melgar, which runs north and south along the waterfront, is like a big outdoor mall. It’s lined with romantic hotels, shops, restaurants, and other businesses, so you won’t have to go far to get what you need.

Which side of Cozumel is better?

Between the West and East Coast, the West side is the clear winner for where to stay in Cozumel! Sure, the East Coast has its charm — it’s undeveloped and has some great roads that are perfect for exploring. 

But if you’re looking for a romantic place to stay, why not go with the side that offers more? On the West Coast of Cozumel, you can find plenty of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and activities to make your getaway with your love absolutely perfect.

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Pack Your Suitcase…

Cozumel is a popular cruise stop and vacation destination for couples. No matter what you enjoy, you can find plenty of romantic things to do in Cozumel. It’s the perfect place for you and your sweetie to get close and make memories you’ll never forget.

In fact, this list may take you several vacations to visit everything. Share what you love to do in the comments!

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